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What if you could live your life without constant FATIGUE, BRAIN FOG, WORRY and/or FRUSTRATION holding you back?

What if you could take back control of your own health and life, to turn your dreams of travel, thriving health, career advancement and/or precious family time into reality?

If that's something you truely want and are 100% ready for, then Nicky and Terese will personally work with you on your path to becoming unstuck and living a limitless life!










There's a science behind going...

From This...

To This!

Too good to be true right??

It's actually very true and possible, with women all around the world take back control of their health and life at home!

Terese and Nicky will guide you to do the same by using their unique:

"Limitless Experience 4-Step Blueprint"

Step 1:

Identify what’s keeping you stuck in a brain fog fatigue cycle, it’s root cause and rate your current mindset.

Step 2:

Identify what you do want/desire and personalise powerful habits that can achieve that result.

Step 3:

Help you through, and understand the process of, reprogramming an old habit into a new habit, and how that affects you on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Step 4:

How to implement powerful habits specific to you to achieve your desires, and utilise them to amplify all aspects of your health and life. 

How You Will Evolve Over The 8 Weeks...


👉🏼 A fatigued and brain-fogged woman stuck in a reactive work and family life where you come last;

👉🏼 Having no time or energy to recharge your batteries with self-care and nutrition that sustains you;

👉🏼 Knowing there are habits and routines you’re stuck in but don’t know how to break them;

👉🏼 Feeling like current health practices are just not working or make sense to you any more.


💪🏼 Taking charge of your daily tasks and being more productive;

💪🏼 Understanding how old habits can sneak back in but knowing how to crush them before they take over;

💪🏼 Being confident in making decisions and sticking with them;

💪🏼 Having easily accessible wellness tools that you can utilise to maintain balance;

💪🏼 Having more energy and focus to easily coordinate self care, family time and career development.

👉🏼 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

👉🏼 Hashimotos Disease

👉🏼 Depression / Anxiety

👉🏼 Navigated nursing her late husband through Young Onset Dementia 

👉🏼 Sick, single mum holding all the responsibility

Took herself from chronic to cured!

👉🏼 Post Natal Depression & Anxiety

👉🏼 Severe workplace bullying

👉🏼 Lost all her money in a bad business deal

👉🏼 Raised three kids solo (even while married) and while building a business

👉🏼 Navigated marriage break up / identity crisis

Took herself from worrier to warrior!

In Summary:

Two of the most highly qualified people to teach you how to get over the main stream "it's only done this way" and "be realistic" that medicine, science, government and society have fed us, to literally take back your life! 🤩


Wholistic Fatigue Recovery Coach / Leadership and Empowerment Coach


  • You’ve known for a while that you need to take charge of your health but you’re repelled by the rigidity of the “health guru’s”

  • You understand the benefit of being supported in a sisterhood of like-minded women

  • You’re ready to get off the quick-fix train and start experimenting with what works SPECIFICALLY for you

  • You’re ready to rid yourself of brain fog, fatigue and f%cking annoying circumstances that are keeping you stuck

  • You’re ready to uplevel who you’re BEING, not just what you’re DOING


  • You’re not ready to expand your thinking and do the work (we know timing is important and this is not for everyone)

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Limitless Experience

DEVELOP an awareness and understanding of how your paradigm and habits control your day-to-day life on both the conscious and subconscious level.

LEARN how to take back that control and write your own habits, change your story, create your own paradigm.

DISCOVER how to break free from:

1. Limiting thoughts

2. Limiting mindset

3. Limiting health

REALISE that your true potential within yourself to create your dream life is LIMITLESS!

Client Feedback!

"When I met Terese, I was in the thick of dealing with Chronic Fatigue after two back to back viruses. It was the lowest point in my life and I felt helpless. After being dismissed by Doctors and Western medicine, I knew I had to turn to alternative measures to heal. Just talking to Terese, her story was inspiring and she gave me optimism that she could provide me with the tools to recover. From the first meeting, Terese gave me the confidence that I could take control of my health naturally. Her program protocol was laid out so wonderfully each week, it was easy to understand and follow. She uses food as medicine and also encourages mindfulness and lifestyle changes that were eye-opening!

Nicky is such a raw and authentic coach. I loved her workshop, her content was simple and examples so real & relatable. She delivered so much gold in her half a day free training event that I went and applied the strategies she shared straight away in my life and the issue I was having was resolved. Thank you Nicky for helping me. I can’t wait to start the program to see what other magic you’ll create in my life.

What You Can Expect From Terese and Nicky:

  • High touch private facebook group access for the duration of the course

  • Eight weeks of support

  • Four live coaching sessions (two teaching-style, two workshop-style)

  • 100% commitment to your growth

  • Option for additional support if needed 

  • ~ 4 live group trainings each fortnight (two 1.5hr webinars and two 2hr workshops)

    ~ Lifetime access to session recordings and workbooks

    ~ KICK ASS practical tools that once learnt you will have for life!

    ~ $900 (paid in full upfront - save $200!) or $1100 on an 8 week payment plan





    Terese's AFFIRMATIONS e-Book!

    The “Affirmations” eBook has five powerful affirmations to support healing and balanced wellness. Affirmations are a simple wellness tool to help maintain a positive, productive and healing mindset.

    These five affirmations are ones that Terese always came back to when she needed them the most and found them to be the most effective to improve and maintain her mindset, focus, commitment and consistency. They have also proven to be a big success with Terese's clients, and now...for you!

    Nicky's FIVE CORE PILLARS Training!

    The 5 core pillars are the foundation of all of Nicky's work. They came to her one day while she was sitting in the back garden talking to a higher power (whatever you believe that to be, universe, God, Spirit), and they have 100% stood the test of time.

    These pillars are an ESSENTIAL part of taking back your power and a MUST have for every woman. They are the basis of all of Nicky's work - a kind of basic training if you like, that work as the solid foundation for you to build upon. Listen to each video training and then complete the accompanying task. It doesn’t matter if you do this in five consecutive days or not. Do it one day, do it in five months, just do it!! It’s a game changer.

    About Nicky...

    Known for her raw, straight forward style, Nicky Thomas will go into battle with you but ONLY if you are willing to fight for yourself.

    From growing up in a small farming community to a successful career in the Australian Army, Nicky is no stranger to having to assert herself in tough environments. Taking charge of your Career, your Business and your LIFE means more than just getting the tangible results that success brings like promotions, pay rises and paying clients.

    It means Living a PHENOMENAL life every day where you're in charge and YOU alone control your own outcomes.

    Both in the military and now in as a successful leadership coach, Nicky has the innate ability to teach women how to cut out all the battle noise, listen to their inner strength and step up into the Warrior they are right now so they can take charge in every area of their life with courage, confidence and certainty.

    About Terese...

    Terese Millhouse is a certified Wholistic Fatigue Recovery Coach, Reiki Practitioner and the Founder of From Chronic To Cured Wellness. Terese is also a mother, widow, (now fiancè and step mum), and a survivor of seven years of chronic fatigue and 20 years of thyroid disease.

    Terese's years of recovery, road blocks, failures, personal growth, experience, study and research, have been culminated in her Sanctuary of Balanced Wellness philosophy, programs, e-Books and Creating Healing Habits wellness tools, that are empowering women and mums all around the world to establish personalised long term healing habits and wellness tools that WORK, to take back control of their own health at home like the Supernovas they are!

    Questions? Nicky and Terese are happy to jump on a video call with you. Send either Nicky or Terese an email with the subject heading "limitless" to book a call: